Childcare in a loving, 

safe a‚Äčnd fun environment.

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About Us

Our passion is giving children and their families WONDERFUL opportunities to enjoy together in a happy world. 


In Chillicothe, Ohio, our facility program is in a restored, historic, downtown building with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, plenty of lighting, a large play space both indoors and out, spacious care rooms, and a libray.

All children are on a schedule that is consistent and based on their individual needs.  The adult to child ratio is kept very low and manageable based on the ages of the children at the time.  We maintain 1 adult to 6 children, but often have additional adults and school-age volunteers available.

Infants are held, given tummy time, sensory experiences,  spoken to and tended to promptly with all needs.  Parents will be notified if their child is crying for more than 20 minutes, to determine the child's needs.  Diapers are checked every 90 minutes and are changed promptly.  Diapers are also changed as needed.  Potty training is our specialty.  

Toddlers/Preschoolers are provided a schedule to encourage scheduled play, free play, music, art, napping, meals and snacks, toilet training, technology time and peer/adult interaction.  This schedule allows room for children to also have their own interests and needs cared.

Both infants and toddlers are kept clean.  Clothes are changed promptly, if there is food/drink spills or other accidents.  Noses and hands are wiped regularly and hands washed before/after meals and potty time.

Parents provide all formula, food, milk, juice, snacks, diapers, wipes, extra clothing, and any special equipment the child may need.  Bulk storage is available for full-time children.

Hours/days are determined with each family, per request.  Payment is due weekly.  Late fees are added for each day the payment is not made.  Enrollment is ended after payment is not received, unless extenuating circumstances are approved by the owner.  NO SHOW fees are invoiced if days are requested for service and a 24 hour notice is not given. 

Court action and a collection agency is used to collect debt more than 30 days old.

PRE-PAYMENT on first day of attendance is required, in addition to a REGISTRATION fee of $35.00.


JOB and FAMILY Assistance is available.

Short term care for snow days, holidays, regular sitter not available etc. can be scheduled any day of the week, upon request at an increased rate plus mileage costs to and from home.

Emergency information is kept on file for each child.  In the case of an emergency, the parent will be notified immediately and 911 will be called, if needed.  If the parent is not able to be contacted, the emergency contacts listed will be attempted and then Child Protective Services.

Staff are trained in infant/toddler CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse and Neglect and Early Childhood topics.

Parents will be asked for permission in advance of any trips that their child would be asked to go on.  The trips could be:  children's time at the library, kid's museum, and the city park.  If fees are applicable, parents will be asked to pay.  These are all walking trips.